Chancel Choir

Minister of Music: Deacon Wesley Hawkins

A Message From the Chancel Choir:

"Let everything that hath breath praise The Lord."

The Choir is composed of people who love the Lord and love to sing.  We happily give our time and hearts to this vital church ministry.  We realize that music has the power to soothe a troubled spirit, to make a sad heart leap for joy and brighten our darkest day.  This is why we consider it a privilege to share the gifts that God has given us with all who hear our voices lifted in praise.

Our prayer each day is that the Lord would always help us to remember why we sing.  We sing, primarily, to give Him praise, but we are especially thankful if others burdens are made a little lighter when they hear our voices lifted in praise to God.

We believe that God wants our best.  If you love to sing, as we do, and don't mind working hard, we invite you to come and join our family of musicians.

Thank you, and may God bless you always.


Wesley Hawkins, Sr.

Minister of Music

  May 2021  
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